Sustainable Waste Management

At Carr Crofts Waste Treatment Facility we can offer an extensive range of testing and analysis services to our environmental partners allowing them to achieve their goal of sustainable waste management.

Our on-site purpose-built and dedicated waste analysis laboratory carrying the very latest in analytical technology and staffed by our team of experienced highly qualified chemists can characterise your waste and offer you the most cost effective and environmentally friendly solutions to your hard to handle industrial wastes. Alongside this we will check your waste streams for viability for Treatment Via Ultrafiltration for the potential to achieve 100% recyclability and or use as energy from the waste industry helping you to divert your wastes from entering a landfill and further reducing the environmental impact of your produced industrial wastes and finally improving your carbon footprint and sustainability.

Help and Advice

We are always on hand to help and advice you on the most cost-effective and compliant solutions for laboratory waste analysis.

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