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Oates Environmental are proud to announce that it has successfully processed and recycled over 50,000,000 litres of contaminated hazardous and non-hazardous liquid effluents using our ultrafiltration system.

The milestone was passed at its Carr Crofts Waste Treatment facility, which is home to its Ultrafiltration Plant, the largest of its kind in Europe.  This milestone indicates that the facility has prevented over 5,000 tonnes of hazardous filter cake from being sent to a landfill site.

The Ultrafiltration Plant can recycle a wide and varied range of complex liquid effluents from numerous industrial processes at a rate of up to 200,000 litres per day. 

Oates Environmental’s Ultrafiltration process of mixed hazardous and non-hazardous effluents produces a 95% non-hazardous permeate.  This is discharged under consent to Yorkshire Water WTP for recycling into potable and household water, the further produced 5% of concentrate is then blended with other high calorific wastes for use in cement kilns as fuel, giving you 100% recyclability of your liquid effluent wastes and further improving your green credentials.

You can find out more about Ultrafiltration and the wastes which can be processed on our treatment page.

Oates Environmental - UltraFiltration System
Oates Environmental’s Ultrafiltration System

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